Providing a nurturing place for

I aim to provide a space where you feel comfortable to release fears and blocked energies that have built up over time.


Debbie Hindley


I am a passionate, intuitive, heart centered body and energy worker.

Improving health, facilitating healing and re connecting clients to their inner compass of balance, intuition and wellness are my main passions and goals.

As an intuitive healer and body worker, I provide a safe space where these modalities are combined in individual treatments, leaving no two clients experiencing the same treatment.

I look forward to walking alongside you on your journey back to self.


An intuitive healer and body worker


Energy Worker

"I love playing with energy, supporting clients to shift and move blocked energies excites me. Working with breath, visualisation, intention & guided meditations let me walk beside you on a journey into the deepest parts of you."

Promoter of Self Love

"Finding time for loving yourself is a divine right not an indulgence. Love yourself deeply & divinely."

Lover of Life

"I'm an authentic, passionate lioness with a heart filled with fire & a love for all things earth bound"


"I'm dedicated to the deep, divine opportunities to dive into my body through this incredible practice."


"My daughter brings me joy & courage to step out of my comfort zones, speak my truth, walk my talk & stand strongly in my power."


I cannot recommend Debbie enough. I had two brilliant sessions in anticipation of the arrival of my second baby. She was extremely intuitive to exactly what I needed on the day. My second treatment had the intention of inducing labour... and that it did!! Labour started the evening of my morning session. Thank you Debbie! I'm so glad I found you. So professional, caring and effective. Thank you.

Reflexology Reset and Restore Sessions

I have been seeing Debbie for 3 years for foot reflexology and it has been incredible. I've been living away from Perth and every time I visit I make an appointment with Debbie. She has such a strong, loving and conscious presence and touch and I always leave my treatment feeling more relaxed, in tune and cleared. I am working on keeping my anxiety and stress in check and I've found that the reflexology with Debbie has been a helpful part of this process. I'm moving back to Perth to work and I am definitely going to be visiting Debbie on a regular basis as part of my self-care and self-love ritual. I encourage you to do the same. Thanks Debbie.

Reflexology Reset and Restore Sessions

Another beautiful treatment by Debbie! After the birth of my Bub I have been in need of some mummy healing and Debbie has once again made me feel the inner calm that helps me be a more patient and loving mummy to my baby girl. Through reflexology it seems my cycle has now returned too which just shows the power of the treatment and how it can help to get your energy flowing again. You have such a wonderful spiritual gift Debbie... Much love to you.

Reflexology Reset and Restore Sessions